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The Green Building Revolution


Book author: Jerry Yudelson, PE, MS, MBA, LEED® AP

                          GreenBuild Chair, 2004-08


Jerry Yudelson’s book The Green Building Revolution is a major contribution to industry knowledge and the marketing resource for the green building establishment.


In this book, he outlines what comprises a green building, and then presents the business case with data and costs to satisfy number-crunchers, as well as drivers and barriers for marketers and strategists. Jerry then drills down to note for readers the differing motivators and challenges for commercial, institutional and residential stakeholders, and identifies key market aspects of each sector.


He provides an impressive array of marketing rationales for approaches to commercial developers, government, educational and healthcare institutions, property managers, home/MURB owners, and even a validation for practitioner firms’ industry involvement. The book also identifies green buildings’ benefits to society, and has all the latest LEED rating systems’ checklists.


The Green Building Revolution is for the initiated. It provides a substantive case for greening buildings, and is chock-full with key motivators for stakeholders. It is the ideal, versatile marketing tool for practitioners to use in targeting change agents in relevant sectors and motivating them toward greening.


Disclosure to readers: Jerry is a client, I am an avid supporter of his work, and I was one of the people interviewed for this book.  


That said, in my opinion these two books are examples of Jerry’s great generosity in support of green buildings: in writing them he shared with readers his wealth of information and expertise, creating marketing tools that level the playing field for practitioner firms, and which will help generate even more rapid industry expansion.






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